Billing and Coding Guide

The WPSI coding guide provides clinicians with the codes to bill for WPSI recommendations.

Clinical Summary Tables

This 52-page booklet offers clinical practice considerations, risk assessment methods, and the age and frequency to deliver the services listed on the well-woman chart.

How I Practice Videos

In the WPSI How I Practice video series, expert WPSI members discuss women’s preventive health topics and how they implement WPSI recommendations into their everyday practice in a practical and seamless way.

Patient Education Pamphlets

These pamphlets help patients navigate WPSI’s recommendations. They include patient-focused information about the importance of preventive health care and the WPSI recommendations, and sample scripts for patients.

Social Media Tool-Kit

The WPSI has developed sample messages for clinicians to use or draw inspiration from. The tool kit also includes downloadable graphics and hashtags for Facebook and Twitter.

Telehealth FAQ for Preventive Care

This set of FAQs for telehealth and preventive care, developed in conjunction with WPSI partner organizations, will assist clinicians during these changing times.

Well-Woman Chart

This chart outlines preventive services recommended by the WPSI, U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, and Bright Futures based on age, health status, and risk factors.

Well-Woman Chart FAQs

These set of frequently asked questions were designed to help clinicians navigate through the well-woman chart.

WPSI Palm Card

Developed by the Women’s Preventive Services Initiative (WPSI), this informational palm card encourages patients to see their clinicians for their Well-Woman Visit, provides descriptions of the WPSI’s recommendations and offers information on how to access the recommended services. Clinicians and healthcare offices are encouraged to download and have it available in waiting rooms or send it electronically to patients.

WPSI Recommendations

These recommendations, developed by a multidisciplinary committee of women’s health experts, provide guidance on what preventive services patients need at every age.