Social Media Tool-Kit

Social Media Messages

We have developed sample messages for you to use or draw inspiration from:

  • WPSI’s new #WellWoman Chart is now available for providers. Includes recommendations from WPSI, USPSTF, and Bright Futures all in one place.
  • Health care providers: use these clinical recommendations as the starting point for providing #WellWoman care.
  • This new resource compiles recommendations from WPSI, USPSTF, and Bright Futures into a chart and FAQ section along with clinical summaries for #WellWoman care.
  • Important new resource for anyone providing #WellWoman care. Print this chart and post it in your office.
  • A unique woman deserves unique health care. Download the new WPSI’s Recommendations for Well-Woman Care—A Well-Woman Chart today for more information about the #WellWoman visit.
  • Shared decision making is essential to preventive care. This new #WellWoman chart will inform how you prioritize your patient’s Well-Woman visit.


  • #WellWoman
  • #WomensHealth

Downloadable Graphics

Click the link below each graphic you would like to share. Right-click on the graphic to download, then upload to your various social media accounts. Photos have been optimized for Twitter, Facebook and Instragram.

Social Media Kit

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