New Topic Nominations forms for WPSI are accepted on a rolling basis.

Criteria for new topic selection will be primarily based on associated morbidity and mortality, the impact on women’s overall wellness, and availability of quality evidence. Health conditions that may be specific to women, are more common or serious in women, or have different outcomes or treatments in women will be given highest priority. Specific attention will be given to avoiding duplication in developing recommendations on areas already addressed by nationally recognized guidelines from the United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF), the American Academy of Pediatrics Bright Futures, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Advisory Panel for Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommendations.

To nominate a new topic, please fill out the PDF linked below. New topic nominations should meet the criteria listed below to be eligible for consideration.

Criteria for conditions to be prevented include:

  • Affects a broad population of women
    • Specific to women (e.g. cervical cancer)
    • More common or more serious in women (e.g. osteoporosis)
    • Causes, manifestations, or treatments differ in women (e.g. heart disease)
  • Preventing the condition has a large potential impact on women’s health and well-being
  • The quality and strength of evidence regarding preventing the condition is supportive

Criteria for the services to be covered include:

  • Must be a prevention service:  health service shown to improve well-being and/or decrease the likelihood or delay the onset of a targeted disease or condition.
    • Screening tests, procedures
    • Counseling/education
    • Medication and devices
    • Immunizations
  • Delivered or initiated in a clinical heath setting
  • Cover gaps in current guidance and determine whether additional services should be included, not to duplicate efforts of:
    • US Preventive Services Task Force A and B recommendations
    • Bright Futures recommendations
    • CDC recommended immunizations